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Questioning the Mechanics of a (Very) New Johnson Street Bridge

This month, the City of Victoria rolled out its $50,000 taxpayer-funded campaign to convince residents to vote on November 20 in favour of borrowing $49,200,000 for a new “one of a kind” Johnson Street Bridge, to be “built for the next 100 years”. But as Cowing’s bridge should remind us, a novel design does not always live up to long-term expectations. […]

Duelling Bridge Opinions on CFAX and CBC

Dueling opinions on CFAX and CBC. Podcasts of Ross Crockford of johnsonstreetbridge.org and Councilor Lynn Hunter on the planned Blue Bridge replacement and $49.2 million borrowing referendum. […]

Blue Bridge Art Show: Call For Submissions

Johnson Street Bridge 8x10

We want your Blue Bridge art! Works in any media are welcome. We have already received submissions of paintings, lithographs, video art, jewelry – even a bridge-themed skateboard. We encourage the widest possible variety of work, including recorded music, poetry, sculpture, photography … you name it. […]

Closure Inflation, From 12 Days to 12 Months

Back in April 2009, the City said rehabilitating the bridge would need 12 days of full closure. Then it was “some” lane closures for an extra year, to minimize full closures. Then, this past June 14, the City’s engineers said rehab would require full closure for 12 months – a claim which has predictably scared some downtown businesses, and rallied them to favour replacement. […]

How to Rehab a Bridge For $3.1 Million: The Kingston Comparison

It is remarkable that in Kingston, the Feds were able to do much of the same work that’s required here – removing pack rust, replacing corroded steel, grit-blasting off old lead-based paint and repainting the entire bridge – all while keeping the bridge open to car traffic, and at 1/26th of the rehab cost quoted by City of Victoria engineers. […]

A Tale of Two Bridges: Portland Parties, Victoria Ponders

In stark contrast to Victoria, Portland is high lighting its historic bridges with a summer festival full of music, picnics, tours, galleries, fireworks, cycling events, films, poetry, talks and bridge lighting events. The entire city is historic bridge themed for the festival, which is drawing locals and tourists alike. […]

Media Roundup – Johnson Street Bridge

I actually laughed out loud while reading the mailer I received from the City of Victoria entitled “The Future of the Johnson Street Bridge.” It was a political document pretending to be a call for public input. The publication is replete with threats and fear-mongering. “If nothing is done to address the Johnson Street Bridge within in the next two years it will face closure,” the city threatens. Write back to city council if you want, but you should know the decision’s already been made. […]