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32 comments to An Open Letter to Victoria Councillors re: Delayed Reports

  • Niels Lind

    I agree these reports should have been presented.

  • Please add my name to this as a City of Victoria elector.

  • Mark Bateman

    Please add my name to the list, urging a full and open discussion of this matter.

  • Bill Wilson

    Please add my name as a Victoria elector.

    It is essential to look at the whole picture especially when one particular pet project- the replacement of the bridge, is being justified on the basis of risk.

    Secondly, be aware of the risk of retaining an engineering consultant- the consultant is part of the construction industry and he has liability concerns- he is not likely to recommend the least cost solution. As well, the consultant is retained to look at the asset in isolation not holistically. Stop using consultants- use and develop the resources in-house.

  • David Bodenberg

    Please add my name to the list. Not only was the 19-month release delay excessive, but that is the very period which could have been used to gain public feedback.

  • Brian Simmons

    I work, live and pay property taxes in the municipality of Victoria. I didn’t think I could be surprised by any further skullduggery committed by the council and city staff, but prioritizing the bridge over the firehall is madness. Sitting on the report for 19 months is beyond the pale. For the safety of the city’s citizens and our finiancial future, Dean Fortin and his cadre of incompetent yes-councillors need to be removed from office next month at election time.

  • Clint Hutzulak

    Please add my name to the list; we deserve and need to know what’s going on with our civic properties.

  • Paul Seal

    Please add my name to this as a City of Victoria elector.

  • Norman Clark

    Please add my name to the list.
    The entrance to City Hall should have a prominent sign declaring “This Building is Ethics Free.” It’s a sad state for Victoria. Our City deserves better.

  • Vittorio Cheli

    Please add my name to this as a City of Victoria elector.

  • Lisa Fife

    Please add my name to the letter as a City of Victoria resident and voter.
    This is simply inexcusable!

  • Please add my name as a concerned citizen amd voter.

  • Anne Spencer

    I support the demands for more explanations. I am a Victoria resident.

  • Carol-Lynne Michaels

    Please add my name as a City of Victoria resident and voter.

  • Absolutely, these are primary concerns and I as a voter, demand immediate public explanations

  • Adrian Harrison

    Please include me in the list. I really have to wonder sometimes, who council and city staff are meant to serve and whose best interests they have in mind. They don’t seem to be accountable to anyone!

  • Rebecca Kennel

    These infrastructure/seismic issues should have been considered before the city declared the bridge to be the #1 infrastructure priority. Now all of our “eggs” are in one blue bridge basket and there is little left to cover the other projects.

  • Patricia Hirsch. Bryce Fleck. Devan Coward. Darragh Coward

    Shame on this council. We did not vote for this. It is very demoralizing. Please add all of our names to the list.

  • Carmel Thomson

    Please add my name to the letter. Thank you! I support this request to provide the public with explanations for the delays in releasing the Fire Hall and Crystal Pool reports and to release the Seismic Risk Assessment of City properties.

  • Dennis Parsons

    I want to see an honest Canada as it once was and I particularly want to see decency return in my home town — Victoria.

  • Gordon McAllister

    The delay in releasing the Crystal Pool, the Fire Hall #1 and the Seismic Risk Assessment of City Owned-Buildings is due to the ad-hoc management system in place at city hall. Consequently, without the contextual information in the reports, the Blue Bridge decision was made without a transparent priority setting decision process. The public therefore voted for replacing the Blue Bridge with incomplete information. Moreover, Council made an indispensable decision with insufficient information. The City urgently needs a modern management system to avoid future ad-hoc decisions on major projects.

  • Carol Sokoloff

    At the time of discussions regarding the by-election and bridge referendum, there were many questions from the public regarding other necessary expenditures on the horizon. If the fire-hall report was in it should have been on the table. There is a sad trail of apparent attempts to mislead the public which this Council must take responsibility for. Please add my name to this letter.

  • It’s unacceptable that the release of these reports were (and in some cases still are) delayed. The public deserves the real explanation, especially prior to the election. Thank you for your efforts.

  • Kelly Kerr

    Please add my name as a concerned citizen and taxpayer.

  • Dr. Jennifer Wise

    Once again I am shocked and disgusted by the way in which vital information is being deliberately withheld from the public by the self-interest of individuals at City Hall. And this latest escapade is sadly consistent with your conduct so far: after spending hundreds of thousands of our dollars persuading us to let you replace the city’s only train link, it turns out that you’re not actually replacing the train bridge at all, as you promised, but only destroying it (after negligently failing to maintain it). Shame on you — not only for your incompetence, but your mendacity about it.

  • Cynthia Callahan-Maureen

    Please add my name. Good work to identify these issues. I live in the City of Victoria and I am ashamed of the way that my municipal representatives have neglected the city’s infrastructure in favour of a vanity project – an overpriced, unnecessary replacement bridge for the Blue Bridge.

  • Joyce Kline (@joycekline)

    Please add my name to the list.

  • Fern Long

    This is a very sad state of affairs. The public deserves a explanation, especially prior to the election (not in 19 months!). Thank you for remaining vigilante about these matters.

  • Doreen Mueller

    Please add my name to your letter. I am disappointed that one more time the Mayor, Council and administrative staff have left the public in the dark. We could have saved ourselves the expenditure of the referendum if a proper administrative process had been followed. Heads should roll for that blunder.I sincerely hope that a believable explanation will be available to the public prior to next election.It is time that transparency and intellectual honesty returns to City Hall and its staff and that deliberations,priority settings and publication of the same are introduced and followed.

  • I endorse this letter and urge Mayor and Council to cease the secrecy with which it has surrounded all the planning issues regarding the Traveller’s Inns, the Bridge replacement, and seismic reports on Victoria’s vital infrastructure.
    Short term expediency has replaced vision, hence there is no rail-link, no transportation plan, and instead the spending of tax-payer’s money on messaging how to think.

    Public assets need maintenance, witness the sorry spectacle of the Bridge,
    unpainted for a decade while generously salaried city managers come and go,
    leaving the problems for the next manager, the next mayor and council.
    The neglicence is there for all to see–in the Bridge in its upright position, and the decaying low-income housing, the pool, all of which could have been faced earlier had our civic government not obfuscated, hid its reports and conducted its meetings “in-camera,” and relied on perception management rather than honestly anticipating the needs of our community and overseeing the orderly maintenance of our public assets.

    Andy Sinats
    Victoria, BC

  • Mark Powell

    As a voter I demand immediate public accountability on this issue, and am once again disappointed by the Dean Machine’s playing politics with public safety.

  • W.K. Bowman

    Nothing would surprise me going on at the KREMLIN. Add me to the list. Pity the media is all but gagged on any of the details.