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The Huggett Report, and its Unanswered Questions

On July 27, engineering consultant Jonathan Huggett presented a damning report to Victoria councillors, declaring that nobody was in charge of the Johnson Street Bridge project, that no agreed schedule existed, and that the budget’s tiny contingency fund was largely spent. Read Huggett’s report HERE, and watch the meeting where he presents it HERE (item #3 on the agenda).

The City fired the project director, and hired Huggett on an interim basis to get the project “back on track”. Huggett is due to present a followup report and new budget this September. But FOCUS magazine has identified a series of further questions that he needs to answer — in particular, whether the bridge really will meet the City’s long-term needs, when it employs an unusual open-wheel lift mechanism requiring huge quantities of epoxy grout. Read FOCUS’s questions HERE.

How expensive will it get?

Change Order Pushes Likely Bridge Cost Past $100 Million

On March 17, PCL, the contractor hired to build the new Johnson Street Bridge, issued a “change order” to the City of Victoria, demanding an extra $7.9 million to finish the bridge, citing “design delays and increases in the scope of the project.” MMM, the consultants overseeing the design, told the City to reject the demand, claiming that PCL had submitted a design that was only 10% complete when it bid on the project. The City then hired an independent evaluator to review the change order. Will the dispute end up in court? Is this the first of many change orders to come? Read PCL’s change order HERE, MMM’s reply HERE, and FOCUS magazine’s analysis HERE.

The Key Bridge Reports


About johnsonstreetbridge.ORG

Created by Mat Wright, Ross Crockford, and Yule Heibel, this website about Victoria’s Johnson Street Bridge exists to provide a platform for independent information – and further discussion with you.

Although we hold a variety of views on what should happen with the bridge, the three of us came together because of shared convictions:

  • that the City of Victoria’s political process to replace the bridge is seriously flawed;
  • that there are alternatives to this process;
  • that Victorians deserve much more of a say about the process for a project of this scope.

The current estimate for replacing the Johnson Street Bridge is $63 million $77 million $92.8 million. But numbers are only the beginning.

There is much more at stake. We hope that you will explore this site, to learn how you can inform yourself and make your voice heard.

We blog (and invite you to leave comments, please); we have a culture page, a media page, a poll where we invite you to vote, and a newsletter to which we invite you to subscribe. And we have lots of additional links from other websites for you to explore. Welcome, and click on!

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